B2B Networking Days were Successfully Held, Next is Face to Face Fair!

The first digital stage of the 3rd International Istanbul Toy Fair, organized with the vision of a new generation fair, has been completed. 74 business contacts were made at B2B Networking Days, in which 120 qualified buyers from 20 countries participated. The second stage of the fair will be held as a face-to-face fair on March 18-21, 2021 according to the new normal. TÜYAP, the first and only fair company to receive the TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate, will also provide the exhibitors and visitors with the "contactless fair" experience.

The digital part of the 3rd International Istanbul Toy Fair, which experienced a new generation hybrid fair after the pandemic, was completed on 16-17 September 2020. The B2B Networking Days of the fair, which will be held in two stages, successfully held on the digital platform, brought together hundreds of professional visitors from different countries of the world and the leading companies of the toy industry. Due to the pandemic and personal preference, buyers who did not want to travel during this period met and traded online with the leading companies of the sector. The second stage of the Istanbul Toy Fair will be held as a face-to-face fair on the conventional dates, March18-21, 2021, in line with the industry's request.
74 business contacts made
B2B Networking Days organized by TÜYAP in cooperation with the Turkish Toy Industry Association (OYDER), with the support of Tüyap abroad offices, 120 qualified buyers from 108 companies in 20 different countries (Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Georgia, China Bangladesh, Iran, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Serbia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Egypt, Libya, including Algeria and Turkey) made 74 business connections, 30 of which were video meetings.
79 exhibitors attended the 3rd International Istanbul Toy Fair B2B Networking Days. Polesie, Selay Oyuncak, Zet Zeka, Global Oyuncak, Güçlü Toys, Locco, Nita, Adore Oyuncak, Erdem Oyuncak, and Sunman  came to the fore by using the platform actively.
Largest toy fair
The second stage of the 3rd International Istanbul Toy Fair, the biggest specialized fair of the toy industry, will be held between March 18-21, 2021 as a face-to-face fair at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul Büyükçekmece. Supported by KOSGEB and organized by the Ministry of Commerce B2B purchasing delegations, the fair will bring together all stakeholders of the industry from domestic and international toy retailers and wholesalers to stationery retail and wholesalers, baby products and children's textile stores to educational institutions. Visitors under the age of 15 are not accepted to the fair.
Health first for trading!
 The Toy Fair, which the sector is eagerly awaiting, will take place according to the new normal after the pandemic. Yeşim Ulusoy, Assistant General Manager of TÜYAP said that with their investments in digital transformation, trade is no longer limited to the fairgrounds and dates. Stating that they will continue the physical fairs that were suspended due to the Covıd 19 pandemic, Ulusoy stated that TÜYAP, which organizes more than 80 fairs every year, will take all the measures of the new normal and organize its fairs with "Health first for trading!" motto.
Contactless fair experience
Stating that they will provide the participants and visitors with the contactless fair experience in the new period, Ulusoy said, “We offer the contactless fair experience free of charge to all Tüyap Fair Organization Group participants and visitors. Visitors who plan to visit the fair can receive the fair invitation via MyTüyap mobile application, create the fair name badge, enter the fair area by reading the QR code in the mobile application without the need for any extra printed card, one-on-one business meetings in areas arranged following the social distance rule or online call areas with QR code. and share their information with the participant with whom they meet, by reading the QR code instead of a business card ”.
Covid-19 received Safe Service Certificate
Stating that TSE is the first and only fair company to receive the "Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate", Ulusoy gave the following information: "As Tüyap Fair Organization Group, we care about the health of our stakeholders and take a series of measures to this end. With additional measures such as increased hygiene practices following the instructions of the Ministry of Health, revision of common areas following social distance, density control, and crowd management in our fairgrounds, improvement of ventilation systems, compliance of food services with hygiene rules, and visitor acceptance to the fair from March. It is possible to say that we have been preparing for the new season with great care. Also, I would like to give the good news that we are the first and only exhibition company to be entitled to receive the TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate by fulfilling the requirements of the Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention, and Control Certification Program of the Turkish Standards Institute. "